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Half & Half

Some of my sweet friends Jessica and David (Da-vee-d) are having their first child premiering in August.  Of course this is uber exciting but what makes it even better is that this child will be a beautiful mix of Bolivian and American.  To celebrate this mixture I had to create a unique gift for Jessica’s Baby Shower.

This was a super fun project.  It took a bit longer then I anticipated but was worth it!  Below is the tutorial:


– Freezer Paper

– Fabric Paint

– .5 yard Cotton Fabric

– .5 yard Towel Material Fabric

– 1 Snap

Step One:

Use a bib pattern and cut out the template from both the cotton and towel fabric.  I used Amy Carol’s Bend the Rules Sewing Bib Pattern.  Here is a link to her but I’m sure you can find a free bib pattern by googling it.

Step Two:

Once you have chosen your painting design draw in to Freezer paper and then cut it out using an xacto knife.  You will have to cut out multiple patterns if you have different colors.  Example: For the American Flag I cut out the red stripes, ironed it on, painted it and then repeated for the white stripes and the blue square.

The same goes for the lettering that I did.

Step Three:  Once you have cut out the freezer paper you can iron it onto the fabric that you want to paint.

Step Four: Paint

Step Five: Once the paint is throughly dry you can peel off the freezer paper and Wa-La you have a screen printed piece of fabric.

Continue these steps until you design is complete.

Step Six: Finish your bib following your bib tutorial’s directions.

Step Seven: Finish the Bib by Hammering and snap!

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A good friend of mine is starting up a retail and design services business called Design Narrative and I just finished up her business cards which to me makes her OFFICIAL and legit!  Congrats Kelley, you’re going to do great!

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A running joke in the family, I always forget important dates, Thanksgiving (it’s always a Thursday right?), birthdays, anniversaries, and of course mother and father’s day.  As I so proudly called my father today to wish him a Happy F day he asked me who reminded me… “Jesse?”, “You’re calendar in your phone?”…  “No dad I remembered all on my own this year!” I say so proudly.  A few second go by and I have to confess to my father, “Okay dad I was on my computer this morning checking the blogs I follow and many people had posted about Father’s day… that is how I remembered.”  The truth was out.  But I still remembered right?!  I give myself credit this year.

Needless to say after talking to my own pops I was inspired to make some cards for the father’s in my life. (at this point it’s just my dad, and my father in-law).  I went old school and used my type writer to muster up some pappa love.  Here’s how they turned out:

To: My one and only Pops

6.19.11 Happy Father's Day

To: Jim O'Hatnick The one and only

6.19.11 Happy Father's Day

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Dear Ben,

I planned to come to your birthday party, I promise.  First it was really needing silence to celebrate the last day of school.  Then it was the need to go for a run, which led to having to charge the iPod just a bit.  Then the run (which was way too slow, my excuse is the heat).  Then… then there was the card.  I know your mom said no gifts which was fine but I had to make you a card.  “HI BECKY!”  Is what I hear most afternoons as I roll into our neighborhood and I LOVE IT!  This was my “HI” back…

A birthday card for your 2nd year of life!

BUT then I go to print your card and our printer (officially from the 90’s) is out of blue ink (cyan if you will).  I search for more and there is none.  “Fine” I say… I’ll go to the party empty handed.  I look at my watch and 8:09.  Party is over.  I’m sorry Ben, but I was wishing you a delightful birthday from right across the street.


Your Neighbor “Hi Becky”

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A Mad Tea Party to Oh La La

The Invitation

My sister is getting married in ‘T’ minus 2 weeks and a few weeks back the bridesmaids planned a super fun bridal shower at a tea room in Roanoke, Virginia.  I was able to design these invitations for the stellar event!  I had a lot of fun making them and actually submitted the design to Minted…. Lost … but we still had a MAD Tea Party all the same!

Then this past weekend we had the long awaited lingerie shower for my sister!  Above… then invites I designed for the event.  A corset cake was awaiting the party to help celebrate the scandalous event.  Picture of the cake to come!

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